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What is Probate?

What happens after you create a will?  Many people mistakenly believe that if they create a will, they avoid probate – this is entirely false.  After you pass, the probate court supervises your home, retirement, and what you’ve spent a lifetime trying to preserve for your children and/or desired beneficiaries.   If you haven’t created a will, the court will appoint a representative (executor) for you!  Navigating through the complex web of forms and requirements of probate is tedious and confusing.  Baron Law LLC is your Ohio law firm that can help you navigate through the probate court system.  Moreover, we can help you avoid the probate court through probate avoidance structures.

Estate administration is very important so that your family isn’t stuck with unwanted court costs and time.  During an initial consultation with Baron Law, and in preparation for creating a will or trust,  our team will administer a list of assets so that each beneficiary is considered.  Moreover, we will explore additional estate planning and probate avoidance options through our Trust Questionnaire to determine if a trust or other probate avoidance option is available.    This helps the probate court determine which assets must be listed on the inventory which assets will pass directly to a surviving joint owner or beneficiary.  Don’t have a will? Not to worry – we ask the same questions and create an inventory from information gathered from family members.

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What is “Probate?”   If you’ve begun thinking about your estate planning needs, you might think probate is esoteric or, requires a secret handshake to understand. So, back to the question: What is probate?  The Cuyahoga County Probate Court in Cleveland, Ohio provides a legalese-like definition: “[a] probate estate is a legal proceeding provided for by Ohio law to determine the assets of a deceased person who was an Ohio resident at the time of death, the value of those assets, and the distribution of those assets to the persons entitled to them by law.” Webster’s Dictionary would further explain that probate can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.   Put more simply, probate can refer to the act of presenting a will to a court officer for filing — such as, to “probate” a will.  But in a more general sense, probate refers to the method by which your estate and finances are administered and processed through the legal system after you pass.

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Establishing the validity of a will is usually the first step in the process of administering a “probate estate.”   But when I discuss this topic with clients, they are not only thinking about authenticating a will, but are also interested in the entire probate process

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What is a Trust Protector?

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How Do I Avoid Probate?

Successful Probate Avoidance Strategies If saving time, money, and court supervision is right for your family, then avoiding probate is right for your estate plan.  There is a common misconception that having a will avoids probate. This is completely false.  Having a will does NOT avoid probate.  There are however many simple ways to avoid […]

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Is Probate Necessary?

As an estate planning attorney, many people ask me if probate is really necessary. The short answer is no, and I often advise my Cleveland, Ohio estate planning clients to avoid probate if at all possible. But what is probate? And, why should it be avoided? Here’s a quick synopsis to answer these questions. What […]