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Estate and Trust Planning

Estate and trust planning are imperative if you want a seamless transition for your family after your demise.  Baron Law provides you with comprehensive estate and trust planning services for all your family circumstances.   You will have peace-of-mind knowing your assets are safeguarded and your loved ones are protected – even after you have passed.  Don’t let what you’ve spent a lifetime trying to build be lost through a messy administration.   Contact one of our attorneys today who can help you with a will, trust, estate administration, probate,  guardianship, or elder law planning.

Long-Term Care Planning

Protecting your assets from a nursing home has never been more important.  Baron Law is your elder law firm who can help you navigate through the complex web of Medicaid and nursing home costs. Our nursing home planning team will guide you through the many asset protection trusts strategies used to shield your assets. Our asset protection attorneys will help you protect your home, retirement, and other assets from a Medicaid spend down.  Contact us today for a free family care meeting coupled with an analysis of your estate.

Estate and Probate Administration

Settling the estate of a loved one through a trust and probate administration can be terribly emotionally challenging. Debts of your estate must be paid, real estate is to be sold, and beneficiaries must be informed through a complex legal process.  The probate and trust attorneys at Baron Law will help you navigate through this difficult process. Our team of experienced estate administrators work in parallel with the executor and trustees of an estate to ensure the wishes of the lost loved one are met. Our team of estate planning professionals will you every step of the way to ensure you are acting under the law as an executor and/or fiduciary of the estate.  Contact one of our attorneys to learn more about how Baron Law can help you.

Estate and Trust Planning Attorney

Baron Law LLC is a Cleveland, Ohio law firm concentrating on legal matters concerning estate planning, trusts, wills, medicaid planning, probate, and long-term care planning.

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Estate and Probate Administration Attorney

Cleveland, Ohio attorneys at Baron Law LLC provide a range of estate and trust administration services that include:

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Long-Term Care and Medicaid Planning Attorney

Nursing home costs have now exceeded an average of $8,214.00 per-month. The elder law attorneys at Baron Law will help you shield assets from the nursing home through one of our asset protection trust strategies. Whether you are planning ahead or are acting on behalf of mom or dad who may already be in a crisis planning scenario, our long-term care planning attorneys can help you navigate through the complex web of Medicaid eligibility. Don’t let Uncle Sam be your unintended heir, let our team of Medicaid attorneys work with you and your family to protect what your family has spent a lifetime building.


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