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Protecting Your Family and Assets Doesn't Have to be Complicated

Do You Need a Trust?

Trusts Attorney Cleveland, Ohio

The majority of people mistakenly believe that you have to be extremely wealthy to have a trust, but that is completely false. Although a trust isn’t for everyone, 99% of trusts are created for non-financial concerns that may greatly benefit your family and loved ones. Protecting your home, retirement and what you’ve spent a lifetime trying to build, doesn’t have to be complicated. It simply requires a little bit of effort and planning. If you’re unsure whether a trust planning strategy is right for you, contact us to schedule an appointment and we will help you navigate through a proper estate planning strategy.

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    If you are planning for your estate in Ohio, or would like additional estate planning information from a Cleveland, Ohio attorney, contact Dan Baron at Baron Law LLC.   Call today at (216) 785-2676. You will get a free comprehensive analysis from an attorney who can help you see if asset protection through family trust planning is right for you.

    Cost of Not Having an Estate Plan

    If you don’t have a will, trust, or other form of estate plan, you might think you don’t have a plan at all.  But for those who don’t have an estate plan, the State has a plan for you.   Dying without a will or trust is known as dying “intestate.”  Leaving your family at the mercy of the State can cost them thousands in unwanted court fees and moreover, unwanted distributions may occur.


    Do I Need A Trust

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