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Choosing Your Real Estate Attorney

Baron Law LLC is the experienced law firm for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to purchase, sell, or lease real estate, both in and outside Ohio. Real estate transactions are lengthy, detail-oriented deals with both sides looking to get a favorable position. How a business starts often determines if a business succeeds and often the first, and most crucial, step for any business is obtaining the land or building in which the business will operate. By offering full-service residential and commercial real estate counsel, Baron Law LLC helps individuals and small businesses advocate their interests and protect their rights in purchases and sales. With the amount of risk and money tied up in every real estate transaction, proper legal counsel is a necessity and simply smart business. Contact the Cleveland attorneys at Baron Law LLC today to set up a free consultation.

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Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Contractors, developers, and construction companies need competent legal counsel to keep projects and ventures on track. The attorneys of Baron Law LLC have the experience to handle the immense amount of legal issues and hurdles facing businesses and individuals engaged in commercial real estate transactions. Hurdles such as: financing, syndication, purchase, sale, and leasing to development, planning, zoning, and real estate tax appeals. No matter the size of your business or the size and nature of the deal, having knowledgeable attorneys in your corner is critical in ensuring favorable outcomes in any commercial transaction regarding real estate.