Landlord / Tenant Disputes

The attorneys of Baron Law LLC are skilled in solving legal issues and disputes for property owners and their tenants throughout Northeast Ohio. Whether drafting, reviewing, or negotiating either commercial or residential leases, Baron Law attorneys can assist either landlords or tenants with issues and problems relating to evictions, unlawful detainer, failure to make repairs, breach of lease or contract, and other commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes. The relationships between tenant and landlords often become strained leading to stressful, and sometimes, costly disputes. With proper legal counsel both tenants and landlords regularly avoid resorting to costly legal avenues, but if circumstances ever force legal resolution, having a good Cleveland landlord-tenant attorney already in place is the best position to be for either side.

Rental Property Attorneys

Being a landlord of a rental property can be a mixed blessing. The property itself is usually an appreciating asset and a predictable income stream if a proper tenant can be found. The last part is key, if a proper, responsible tenant who pays on time and in the full amount can be found. Unfortunately, good tenants are hard to come by nowadays. Landlords have to deal with non-payment issues, property damage, surprise lease breaches and move-outs, and theft. If the time ever comes that a landlord must seek legal involvement, consult with the attorneys of Baron Law LLC and put yourself in the best position for a favorable result.