Divorce Estate Planning Steps

Things to Consider When Getting Divorced

If you’re thinking about getting divorced, you are probably up against one of the most challenging times in your life.  Cleveland divorce attorney Dan Baron has the following to consider:

  1. Selecting an Attorney – Can you get divorced on your own? Sure.  But why go through it alone.  Moreover, the laws are constantly changing and trying to represent yourself in a divorce proceeding might mean the difference between living a happy life, or never seeing your children or home again.  I always tell my clients that although I can probably handle putting some electrical or plumbing into my home, its not worth the risk of flooding my home or burning it down from an electrical fire.  Thus, I hire a professional to do the job.
  2. Property – In Ohio, property through a divorce proceeding is divided up among the spouses.  Notwithstanding a prenuptial agreement, property that occurred ‘during the marriage’ is divided up.  This may include retirement accounts, bank accounts, real estate, cars, boats and more.  Thank with a Cleveland, Ohio divorce attorney to learn more
  3. Children – There are several things to consider with children.  First, the State of Ohio determines who pays child support, not your attorney.  Child support is calculated by entering information into Ohio’s child support worksheet.  The worksheet will delegate who and what is to be paid.

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