Cleveland, Ohio estate planning attorney, Daniel A. Baron, offers information on the importance of having an Elder Law Attorney to help plan for your future:

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Elder law attorneys are sometimes considered “authorities” as, although they can handle a wide range of other legal issues, they primarily focus on the needs of older adults and also the needs of those who are disabled. In addition to handling your Estate Planning such as will and trusts, and alike, they are also involved in helping set up financial planning, and can also assist with Life Planning.

What does a Life Plan do for you?

  • Clarifies your most important priorities
  • Helps maintain balance
  • Assists you with saying “no” to lesser important things in your life
  • Assists you to identify and address current realities
  • Equips you to envision a better and brighter future
  • Helps you accomplish what matters most to you
  • Helps to ensure you have no regrets when you finish life itself

An Elder Law Attorney can also help guide you in planning for the time when you may need to go into assisted living.

  1. Other areas in which an Elder Law Attorney can assist you:
  2. Explain the importance of Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Advance Directives, etc.
  3. Helps planning for the needs of a minor child or adult children with special needs
  4. Walks you through probate proceedings
  5. Establishes Powers of Attorney for both your financial and medical needs
  6. Guides you through any Long Term Care issues that may occur
  7. Works with you to put you in the best position for Medicaid should the need arise somewhere in the future
  8. Should an adult or minor child need to have a Guardianship put into place if necessary
  9. Locate the best suited Long Term Care facility for you while helping to manage the cost of your care
  10. Inform you and those who live in Nursing Homes of their rights and help, if necessary, file a claim against a nursing home.
  11. Pen your Living Will or any other Advance Directive, which will include any Long Term Care planning and your durable Powers of Attorney documents

For more information on reviewing your goals for Long Term Care as part of your Estate Planning, contact Daniel A. Baron of Baron Law today at 216-573-3723.