Veteran Benefits

Long Term Care – What Is Available To Veterans

Cleveland, Ohio estate planning attorney, Daniel A. Baron, offers information on Long Term Care assistance for those who have served in our military and including this as part of your Estate Planning:

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For those of you who have served in any of our armed forces, Thank You! Because of your bravery and sacrifice, we still enjoy the many freedoms we have in this country and you make us all proud to be Americans.

Should you, as a veteran require Long Term Care and you have a service related disability, the Department of Veterans Affairs pays for your Long Term Care and for certain other eligible veterans, you may also be entitled to additional health programs as well:

  • At home care for aging veterans with Long Term needs
  • Nursing home care

In order for veterans to stay in their homes and be more comfortable there are other programs as well.

A program that was developed in 2009 which provides veterans with a Flexible Budget in which to purchase services is a Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services Program or     VD-HCBS as it is also known by. These are services available through the Aging Network in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs

Homebound Aid and Attendence – a cash allowance is provided to veterans with disabilities and their surviving spouses to purchase community based long-term services such as homemaker services and personal care assistance as well as to purchase a home. Eligible Veterans receive this as a supplement to pension benefits.

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For more information on reviewing your goals for Long Term Care, what is available for our Veteran’s and incorporating this into your Estate Planning, contact Daniel A. Baron of Baron Law at 216-573-3799.