Veteran Benefits

Long Term Care – What Is Available To Veterans

Cleveland, Ohio estate planning attorney, Daniel A. Baron, offers information on Long Term Care assistance for those who have served in our military and including this as part of your Estate Planning:

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For those of you who have served in any of our armed forces, Thank You! Because of your bravery and sacrifice, we still enjoy the many freedoms we have in this country and you make us all proud to be Americans.

Should you, as a veteran require Long Term Care and you have a service related disability, the Department of Veterans Affairs pays for your Long Term Care and for certain other eligible veterans, you may also be entitled to additional health programs as well:

  • At home care for aging veterans with Long Term needs
  • Nursing home care

In order for veterans to stay in their homes and be more comfortable there are other programs as well.

A program that was developed in 2009 which provides veterans with a Flexible Budget in which to purchase services is a Veteran Directed Home and Community Based Services Program or     VD-HCBS as it is also known by. These are services available through the Aging Network in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs

Homebound Aid and Attendence – a cash allowance is provided to veterans with disabilities and their surviving spouses to purchase community based long-term services such as homemaker services and personal care assistance as well as to purchase a home. Eligible Veterans receive this as a supplement to pension benefits.

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For more information on reviewing your goals for Long Term Care, what is available for our Veteran’s and incorporating this into your Estate Planning, contact Daniel A. Baron of Baron Law at 216-573-3799.

Why Every Parent Should Establish A Guardianship Within Their Estate Plan

Cleveland, Ohio estate planning lawyer, Daniel A. Baron, offers information on why every parent should establish a guardianship for their minor children within their estate plan:


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When is a guardianship necessary?

It is customary for the parents of minor children to make any and all legal decisions that are necessary to keep their children safe. There may come a time however, when the minor children need a guardianship established.

Some of the reasons in which a guardianship needs to be established are but not limited to:

  • The parent or parents are deceased
  • A minor inherits assets and the parent or parents are not qualified to make legal decisions
  • The parent or parents are not or cannot take care of the minor child any longer due to illness
  • The parent or parents cannot take care of the minor child any longer due to incarceration

What is role and responsibilities of the guardian?

  • Has the right to deny certain persons to come in contact with minor child or restrict the interaction with certain persons
  • Become the minors fiduciary by keeping inventory and control of all assets
  • Investing minors child’s assets
  • Pay the minor child’s bills
  • File income taxes annually
  • Decide where the minor child shall live

In some cases if you are a guardian you may need to get permission from the courts to carry out these duties.

In addition to overseeing the over-all wellbeing of the minor child and the estate, the guardian also has the following duties:

  • If necessary, bring a lawsuit on behalf of the minor child
  • If public assistance benefits are required, apply for them
  • Apply for public housing where needed for the minor child
  • Provide a legal residence for the minor child so that the minor child attends school and receives a quality education
  • Receive and maintain any funds given to support and care of the minor child
  • Authorize any care such as medical or other care necessary to insure the wellbeing and support of the minor child

Essentially the guardian looks after the minor child just as the parent or parents would have.

For more information on setting up guardianships for your minor children or your minor or adult child with special needs, contact Daniel A. Baron of Baron Law today at 216-573-3723.

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When is a Legal Guardianship Necessary for my Parents?

Cleveland, Ohio estate planning attorney, Daniel A. Baron, offers information on when it becomes necessary to change legal guardianship for your elderly loved one:

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Legal Guardianship is used when a person is unable to make or make sound decisions about themselves personally or their property. These same persons can likely be or already have been a victim of fraud or undue influence.  Although a guardianship may limit a person’s rights considerably, establishing a guardianship should be used after other actions have failed or are no longer available.

In the event a legal guardianship may not be totally necessary there are some alternatives you may want to consider that will still protect your loved one:

Some rights of the elderly which may be affected once a guardianship is put into place:

  • Medical treatment consent
  • Making End of Life Decisions
  • Voting
  • Enter into a contract
  • Possess a driver’s license
  • Selling Property

It is always best if the guardian consults with the individual to make any decisions that affect that person if they are still able to make sound rational decisions. However sometimes, the guardian must make the decisions themselves if your loved one is no longer able to participate.  The guardian should always take into consideration the individuals wishes if they are known.

Let’s start the conversation about when is the best time to consider establishing legal guardianship for your loved one. For more information on reviewing your goals for Long Term Care as part of your Estate Planning, contact Daniel A. Baron of Baron Law today at 216-573-3723.

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